Saturday 27th May 2017 - £ 30

Soho, the beating heart of London. Full of history and memories of nights out, unforgettable gigs, shopping trips hunting the weird and wonderful in tiny colourful holes scattered through its alleyways. A cultural treasure, being gradually demolished in the name of progress. Old pubs, listed buildings and independent traders are pushed out and priced out, replaced by fast trains, corporate businesses and foreign billionaires empty flats. But if you look carefully, that heart is still beating...

We'll start from Oxford Circus and get lost in those little alleyways - forget Oxford Street - to explore Berwick street market, colourful locals, the red light district, hidden gems, unsung landmarks; as we progress towards Tottenham Court Road, we'll see the quirky neighbourhood turn into a building site, then revealing the new station and shiny buildings in stark contrast with the independent guitar stores of Tin Pan Alley and the Dominion Theatre nearby. 

Meeting point is outside Stargreen at Argyll Street, 10am. As always the length of the walk is flexible, however allow about 3 hours to make the most of it. No cancellations or refunds due to rain so make sure you're dressed adequately and carry protection for your camera.

This walk is advised for all cameras and lenses. Your widest lens will be useful for architecture and scenery - 'the big picture'; zoom will be good for details and candid portraits. 

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