Canary Wharf, Thursday 24th January at 6pm

2 hours minimum - £40 per person or £60 for two

After a lovely evening and way too many pictures last year, we're back to Canary Wharf's Winter Lights Festival to learn more about night photography and take advantage of the marvellous display for some unique shots!

The festival draws upon state-of-the-art light technology to deliver spectacular artworks, installations and experiences – many of them interactive or responsive – and has continued to gather pace with bigger and brighter installations every year. Located in the already night photography friendly surroundings of Canary Wharf, the evening will offer the opportunity to play with light, movement, reflection and more to stimulate creativity and improve technique.

We'll be meeting at 6pm outside Canary Wharf Tube station and the tour will last 2 hours although some of us might want to hang around a bit longer! The Festival is on until 10 and offers as well food and drinks outlets, so feel free to meet your friends and family for a bite after to end the evening. 

Some of the attraction are indoors some outdoors, so make sure you're well covered and warm. Bring your tripod although they won't be allowed in some more crowded areas. All cameras welcome; manual settings however will allow you to make the most of the course.

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